Friday, September 4, 2009

20% of Americans want to surrender today.

Over the past several weeks, we have heard liberal Democratic Senator Russ Feingold suggest that the United States leave Afghanistan, we have also heard Conservative columnist George Will suggest that we leave Afghanistan, and that we only focus on long range missile attacks. I believe both are complete idiots, we do not leave Afghanistan or Iraq until all of the terrorist threat is eliminated & both of the Armies of the Nations are ready to defend themselves, and the way the Obama administration is fighting these wars, neither will happen for a long time.

We need to fight these wars like we did in World War 2, I would argue we are fighting an enemy far worse then the Japanese, however, no enemy could be worse then Hitler. These terrorists are barbaric murderers, who have no sense of freedom in them, they want to rule the world, and they are religious fanatics (for those who like to compare radical Islam to radical Christianity, please keep this in mind, radical Christians who take the Bible out of context.....are the Amish) hellbent on destruction of America & Israel.

However, we also need to combat the public at home, as many Americans are complete idiots & ignorant fools on National Security, as proven by the latest poll by Rasmussen Reports :

52% of Americans see no need for a withdrawal or timetable on troops in Afghanistan (considering we should not leave until every terrorist scum is dead, and Osama is being hanged at Gitmo).
20% of Americans believe we should withdrawal all American troops from Afghanistan immediately (weak ass surrendering fools, they would be in good company with Britain's appeasing Prime Minister Chamberlain).
17% of Americans believe we should not withdrawal all Americans troops now, but within one year (So, lets fight for one more year...then surrender to radical Islam....).
11% of Americans are not sure what we should do (these are the ones who freeze between running or fighting against an intruder in their home, those people usually end up dead)

So while most Americans favor fighting to the taliban is rotting in hell, we have large segments of the American public who are prepared to surrender within one year, against an evil who killed 3,000 Americans, Thank God we did not have these fools around during Pearl Harbor.

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