Friday, September 11, 2009

Thank God for George W. Bush

Watching footage of the horrific, murderous assaults on the people of New York on September 11, 2001, I couldn't help but remember the emotions of that day. But more than feeling sad and angry, I'm also upset with the people of the United States for forgetting these murders and making excuses for scumbags like al Qaeda.

So I just wanted to state clearly: thank God for George W. Bush. I don't care if what religion or lack of religion you have, but we must appreciate the fact that Bush pulled out the stops in order to make sure that it wouldn't happen again.

And it didn't.

  • 'Enhanced interrogation' got information about future attacks.
  • Attacking Afghanistan displaced the Taliban and severely damaged al Qaeda.
  • Targeted attacks in Pakistan killed al Qaeda leaders.
  • CIA work captured Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the planner of the atrocity.
  • The invasion of Iraq tempted thousands of Islamists to fight American, international, and Iraqi forces. Most of them are dead or detained today.
  • Increased security at airports and mass transit stations.
  • Due to fear of attack, Libya renounced terrorism and WMD.
  • Lebanon threw off Syrian tyranny, with US support.
  • The people of Iraq attacked al Qaeda and with help from American forces, threw them out.
  • Iraq and Afghanistan are democracies, giving the people of the Muslim world an alternative to groups like Hezbollah.
  • President Bush actively supported Israel, who attacked Islamist terrorists regularly.
We need to say thanks to George W. Bush. Watch footage of September 11th and be reminded that he personally stopped it from happening again.

As Phil Hendrie once said in the aftermath of the 2005 London bombings: "Thank God for President Bush. At this particular time in our history? Thank freaking God for that guy."

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1 comment:

Kelly said...

Amen, Brother. I have to dig deep on this, but I pray that Mr. Obama will be able to match Mr. Bush's record of keeping us safe.