Monday, September 14, 2009

What the Mets should and should not do for 2010

Now that this unmitigated disaster of a season is almost over, there are many things the Mets should do before the curtain opens on the 2010 season.

In no particular order, the Mets need: a second starter, another lefty in the bullpen, a catcher, a left fielder, and a first baseman.

Some of those needs may be filled in house, such as Josh Thole becoming one of the catchers replacing Brian Schneider who is a free agent and is clearly at the end of the line. The Mets may have to go outside of the organization to fill some of the other needs.

John Lackey is the biggest free agent starter available and he would fit in well behind Santana. The Rays traded Scott Kazmir late in the season to the Angels and may still be looking at shedding payroll with an eye toward trading Carl Crawford, who would be a great fit in left field for the Mets. A speedy left fielder who would team with Jose Reyes at the top of the lineup would be a boost.

That leaves first base.

One option should not be re-signing Carlos Delgado. Delgado had his moments in the sun but the sun has set on the 37-year-old injured first baseman. Instead of signing Mark Teixeira for this season, the Mets rushed and signed Delgado and paid dearly for it. He barely played before a hip injury forced him out for almost the entire season and there is no guarantee he would be better next season.

If the Mets cannot find another first baseman, they could platoon Daniel Murphy and either Nick Evans and Ike Davis, an up and coming rookie.

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Mr. d said...

Some really good points!