Monday, September 14, 2009

When something works, never fear Obama will screw it!

Something works - Medicare Advantage.

Obama's solution - destroy it.

Something works - Capitalism.

Obama's solution - destroy it.

Something works - Constitution.

Obama's solution - ignore it.

Something works - Freedom of the Press.

Obama's solution - regulate it to death.

Something works - War.

Obama's solution - peace.

Something works - Strong Nuclear arsenal.

Obama's solution - deplete it.

Something works - Low taxes.

Obama's solution - high taxes.

Something works - Citizen legislators.

Obama's solution - career politicians.

Something works - Free trade.

Obama's solution - protectionism.

Something works - Americas alliance with Israel & Great Britain.

Obama's solution - destroy it, encourage alliance with enemies which want to do America harm.
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Luke said...

so stupid

Sirchadthepro said...

You sound like a communist here.