Sunday, September 6, 2009

World Net Daily will not be attending CPAC next year.

The battle for the soul of Conservatism on the Internet is in full front, as Jon Henke with The Next Right has some good news about fighting back against the supposed right wing website the World Net Daily, as reported on his blog - "Let's start with good news: WorldNetDaily will not be at CPAC next year. I exchanged emails with the CPAC organizer earlier today and she told me this:

[WorldNetDaily founder Joseph] Farah asked if he could speak on the issue (birther movement), but that isn't something we're interested in.

Rejected. Well done. There are a couple other demagogues who appeal to our baser instincts that I would like to see CPAC decline to host, too, but this is a very positive step. Kudos, CPAC.".

Good news indeed. The Conservative Political Action Conference, which featured Rush Limbaugh in his first nationally televised speech a few months ago, should be a arena for Conservatism, debate, grassroots for the GOP, and taking our Nation back. Not the faulty birther issue which WND has obsessed over.

While I believe the battle which Jon Henke is currently taking on, is important, I believe we must not get distracted from fighting the left as well. If we engage in an obsessive fight against crazy websites on our side, and forget about the crazy liberal websites on the other side, we will be screwed. I also agree with R.S. McCain that we should not "purge" World Net Daily, but we should encourage true Conservatives to beware about World Net Daily.

One question in regards to CPAC 2010, does anyone have any information on whom the featured speaker will be? I personally believe it should be Rush Limbaugh every single year, can you really beat the speech he gave last year? And with the 2010 elections upcoming, we will need a spark to ignite the political firestorm that is the Conservative Republican Nation.

Update - solution to an annoying problem :

Just a quick reminder, I have proposed the solution to the "birther issue", pass legislation which requires that all candidates for President must show their birth certificate to the various Secretaries of State (following the Constitutional requirement that all candidates must be natural born citizens, and purging candidates such as the socialist party candidate who is not even an American born citizen), so that in three years, when Barack Obama & all of the other candidates do so, the theory will officially be put to bed, and we can focus on defeating the idiot in the ballot box.

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1 comment:

CPAC Director said...

Hi Mr. K,

We rely on our cosponsors for speaker and panelist suggestions. Our first planning meeting is coming up, so we'll start making invites in late October and early November. However, I can report that we have, once again, invited Rush Limbaugh. Fingers crossed that he accepts!