Sunday, September 6, 2009

Bleach Review

Bleach is one of the interesting anime about shiningami or death gods and the main character Ichigo's struggles to save his friends. Now I'm only going to review the first 80 episodes or so because they were by far the best.

I recommend watching at least the first part of the series to anyone and if they like it to keep going. Although the first 10 episodes are a little dry it gets much better because of course its just the start of an anime. It is filled with plenty of plot twists and of course it actually does not have the main character automatically being the strongest. Although he is quite powerful. There is also a comedy side to bleach which can be very very funny and yes I needed two 'verys' there. That is of course if you get the humor. I also enjoy the fight scenes because they almost never get boring with new things happening. Some things are just weird but that's ok.

It is an 8 out of 10 and should be watched. The manga is much better but of course the anime does not follow the story line directly. I hate fillers.

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Michael Avitabile said...

Great work, Chad, I appreciate reviews and stuff like this. Keep it up!!!1!1!

fadillahahmed said...

wee gini ad bleach nya yg laen ga ad ...

hhee ...