Friday, October 9, 2009

DeMint & 2012 Presidential talk.

The 2012 Presidential process to nominate a Republican candidate to challenge Obama begins in under 16 months, as Republicans from across the Nation begin to announce their plans, head to Iowa for a summer long courting of Republican voters, and prepare for the brutal 2012 Republican primaries which will divide the party more then the 2008 primaries, something that seems impossible, but is very probable.

Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlently, Bobby Jindal, Mike Pence are all being touted as potential Republicans who could seek the nomination in 2012, not to mention Rick Perry, Charlie Crist, Butch Otter, and Rudy Giuliani are also being speculated as possible candidates for the nomination as well. It would appear the Republican voters in 2012 will have their hands full, however, missing in the speculation and the debate over the 2012 Presidential nomination, is one Senator who is talked about on a daily basis, but has not been mentioned for the Republican nomination in 2012.

This Senator is a the most Conservative Republican member of the United States Senate, this Senator is to the right of Republican positions in the United States Senate, this Senator has launched his very own organization supporting Conservative Republicans first and foremost for election to the United States Senate, this Senator is outspoken, will not back down from a challenge from the other side of the aisle, and though a first term Senator, is quite accomplished.

I am talking about Senator Jim DeMint, Republican from the state of South Carolina, the leader of the Senate Conservatives Fund, and perhaps the best option for the Republican party in 2012.

Senator DeMint is your typical Conservative Republican first, Conservative Republican forever, however, DeMint has a way of using his political capital which can be understood and respected by all Americans, as his opposition to wasteful spending during both administrations he has served under, a valued support for the United States Military, and a love for this Nation, along with all that has made it the greatest in the world, is unmatched.

Senator DeMint was the first to support the Constitutional removal of a dictator wannabe in the Nation of Honduras, he has recently visited the Interim President in Honduras, much to the chargin of the Obama administration, which has compared the brave actions of those in Honduras, to a military coup, which any intelligent human being would know it was not. Senator DeMint was also the first to recognize that the health care debate is Obama's "waterloo", though first attacked from the leftwing when he announced it, all Americans have since come to agree to that statement, the health care debate is Obamas "waterloo".

We know that Senator DeMint is qualified to be the President of the United States of America, as unlike Obama......DeMint has actually worked while a United States Senator, however, my question is why have Conservatives & Republicans across the United States of America, neglect to include DeMint in their polls, discussions, and debates over the 2012 Republican nomination process? That is what troubles me.

While Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee are included in the debate, Senator DeMint, a man who has fought the Obama agenda in actual legislative means, has been ignored by the right-wing of America's political spectrum, blogosphere, and talk radio. Goodness, Governor Daniels via Indiana has received more attention the Senator DeMint in terms of support for a Presidential bid in 2012, it just bothers me.

I am not asking for DeMint to have his own Presidential prospects written about on every Conservative Republican blog, website, or media in the Nation, I am just asking for some respect that some support DeMint for President, especially when those that support DeMint outnumber Mitch Daniels of Indiana by the thousands.

- Senator DeMint for President, 2012!

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