Friday, October 9, 2009

The Great Article Race

Hey all, looks like it's time for another edition of the Great Article Race. Recently I've been working behind the scenes, etc, etc, so I figure since I'm doing so much on the blog, I may as well write one of these.

This is the first GAR since Aug. 24, and since then we've gotten 61,634 Views
The Top Articles-

1. Nine-Year-Old Forcefully Removed from Town Hall Meeting, by Michael, with 1,994 Views, or 3.24% of the Views
2. Obama to Change Military Oath, by Matthew, with 1,077 Views, or 1.75% of the Views
3. Obama Considering Turning Off Flame at Tomb of Unknown Soldier, by Matthew, with 995 Views, or 1.61% of the Views
4. Obama College Thesis: Constitution is Inherently Flawed, by Matthew, with 994 Views, or 1.61% of the Views (Yes, just one away from the one above it)
5. Prediction: Dinar's Final Value, by Matthew, with 657 Views, or 1.07% of the Views


The Top Contributors-

Mr. K- 157 Posts
Michael- 136 Posts
Matthew- 132 Posts
Joe C.- 11 Posts (Yes Ladies, He's Back!)
Chad- 7 Posts
Lute Barnes- 1 Post

Interesting Notes:

This past month is the first time Mr. K has posted more than me or Matthew (although Matthew and I will be posting some articles in the past in the future; complicated, don't ask)
Joe C. is actually writing again, and even posted three articles in one day.
We have recently linked to such great sites as Notoriously Conservative, Degrees of Moderation, and The Urban Grind.

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