Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fred Thompson Conservatism.

Fred Thompson Conservatism = A person of deep Conservative convictions, who will accept being on the short end of a 99-1 vote, and believes in near absolute federalism & state rights.

Former United States Senator, Law & Order personality, and current Nationally syndicated talk show host Fred Thompson is that 800 pound gorilla in the room that no-one ever talks about. He is deeply respected, very intelligent, and a man who is admired from within the Conservative movement, a man whom I think should have more of a role in the Conservative movement then he currently has.

I believe that Fred Thompson has his own rugged personality and demeanor when he was serving in the United States Senate, armed with a 86.1% lifetime rating from the American Conservative Union, and was once described by fellow Republican Senator Collins as "Fred is a fearless senator", she elaborated further with, "By that I mean he was never afraid to cast a vote or take a stand regardless of the political consequences.".

I couldn't agree more with Senator Collins, thus the term Fred Thompson Conservatism, while other Conservative Republicans are fearless of political consequences, not one can be compared with Fred Thompson when he was a member of the United States Senate, his Conservative and Federalist beliefs are more important then any other factors when he was considering legislation during his two terms in office.

With all of the above stated, what does this have to do with the 23rd congressional district special election which will be taking place in just 33 days?

Fred Thompson is a Conservative Republican first and foremost, so when it was announced that Fred Thompson would be endorsing Conservative candidate for Congress Doug Hoffman, I was not surprised, considering that Hoffman has many features of Fred Thompson Conservatism, perhaps not when it comes to Federalism, as I know little on the candidate's views on that issue, however, he is a rugged Conservative who will stand & abide by Conservative principles first and foremost.

Then again, you can argue that the endorsement of the Conservative candidate for Congress in the 23rd congressional district, is yet another example of Fred Thompson Conservatism, as the Thompson political philosophy once again puts his beliefs above everything else.

I believe in Fred Thompson Conservatism, do you?

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