Thursday, October 1, 2009

Guess What... The Cleveland Show SUCKS

You know back in 2000 when Family Guy was funny? You know how now Family Guy is a piece of unadulterated crap?

All right, you know how American Dad is just Family Guy with second-rate characters simply based off their counterparts as imagined by Seth MacFarlane?

Now, Mr. MacFarlane has created a third-rate show, The Cleveland Show, which is based on the characters of a second-rate show which was based on Family Guy. Well, the reviews are in. The show gets a whopping 3.8/10 as an average review from readers on Metacritic, and a still crappy 57/100 from critics.

Yup, folks, Seth MacFarlane has run out of fuel, and jokes for that matter.

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Anonymous said...

thank you..i thought i was the only one who figured out seth is a fuckin hack

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the Cleveland Show SUCKS. Until he's back on Family Guy and the Cleveland show is buried next to The Tick, my television only gets turned on for South Park and the New England Patriots.

Southern Man said...

Maybe Seth should focus his efforts on one thing at a time. I have lost interest in Family Guy and its clones as of late. I agree with the author, The Cleveland Show blows.

Anonymous said...

I agree as well. This show is plain boring. I enjoy Family guy very much though. They need to End "The Cleveland show", and put him back on Family guy.