Friday, October 2, 2009

Interview With Faultline USA

We here at JiP recently linked to the conservative blog Faultline USA. We are proud to continue our interview series with one of their writers.

1. What do you believe is President Obama's biggest failure so far?

Sending the deficit through the roof, and putting all of his eggs into health care reform.

2. Do you think that opposition to the health care plan can damage the President's political capital?

Definitely it will damage his political capital especially if congress uses the nuke option.

3. In the upcoming 2010 elections, do you believe Republican candidates will make substantial gains against Democratic candidates?
At this point I'm not sure.

4. What's the biggest untold story of the Obama Administration?

Who this man really is. Do any of us really know? All we can do is look at his friends and mentors, and that should give us a clue.

5. Do you believe that the stimulus plan is helping or hurting the economy?

Hurting the economy in the long run!

6. What do you believe will be President Obama's next major initiative?

It should be the war in Afghanistan, but he's just giving it lip service since the left ranted all through the Bush administration that we should have been giving it priority. I suspect he's be concentrating on his civilian army here is the U.S. and trying to figure out what to do with the terrorists from GITMO.

Thanks again to Faultline USA for the interview.

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