Friday, October 2, 2009

Is your Congressman or Senator a member of the Progressive caucus?

The United States Congress has numerous coalitions and caucuses which various Congressmen and Senators align themselves with, such as the Republican Study Committee, or the Blue Dog Coalition, however, there is one caucus in the United States Congress which associates itself with left-wing organizations such as the ACLU, NAACP, La Raza, Moveon.Org, and other liberal organizations which advocate far-left positions.

That would be the Congressional Progressive Caucus, which was formed by Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders when he was still a member of the United States House of Representatives, as of today, the Caucus has 79 voting Congressman, 2 Senators, and two non-voting Representatives, is your Congressman a member?

As of July 2009,

[edit] Arizona

[edit] California

[edit] Colorado

[edit] Connecticut

[edit] Florida

[edit] Georgia

[edit] Hawaii

[edit] Illinois

[edit] Indiana

[edit] Iowa

[edit] Maine

[edit] Maryland

[edit] Massachusetts

[edit] Michigan

[edit] Minnesota

[edit] Mississippi

[edit] Missouri

[edit] New Jersey

[edit] New Mexico

[edit] New York

[edit] North Carolina

[edit] Ohio

[edit] Oregon

[edit] Pennsylvania

[edit] Tennessee

[edit] Texas

[edit] Virginia

[edit] Vermont

[edit] Washington

[edit] Wisconsin

[edit] Non-voting

[edit] Senate members

I would like to also add, that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was also a founding-member, but left it when she was elected as House minority leader.

These are the worst of the worst in our United States Congress, read it and weap it if your Congressman or Senator is apart of the hurrendos group, one that is openly in contempt of the Constitution which they swear to uphold when sworn into office.

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