Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Krauthammer takes Obama to task.

Conservative columnist and frequent FoxNews commentator on Special Report, Charles Krauthammer voiced the fears & concerns of millions of Americans, that an Obama administration spells the end United States global dominance, something which we have possessed for decades.

I must agree with Krauthammer, Obama is attempting to weaken the United States on foreign policy, economic policy, and even as our standing as the greatest Nation on the world. Obama is oblivious to American Exceptionalism, he does not believe that a Nation of Freedom can be better then a Nation of Tyranny, it appears that his path is to degrade America, and promote the world.

At the end of making a speech while accepting a prestigious award, Krauthammer is quoted for saying, "In the end, I think I’m optimistic because I think America will say no", in regards to the policies which Obama is pushing, which Americans are not pleased with.

Americans will push back, as Americans do not want to become a devalued people of a devalued Nation, Americans do not want to be placed at the same levels as Saudi Arabia or Kenya, and Americans do not want to be slandered while the supposed President of the United States, acts like a cheerleader for every Nation except the United States.

Charles Krauthammer is a strong Conservative, God Bless him.

Newsmax article on Krauthammer's speech -

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