Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Visit Degrees of Moderation

I recently came in contact with Tina Hemond, a writer for Massachusetts Conservative Feminist | Ordinary: Degrees of Moderation and Sanity. An interesting site, Tina explains why she writes on it the best:

"I started writing as a personal blog - more observations than anything else, I've been involved politically since I could talk - my father was a union activist and civil rights activist back in the 1950's - and I've seen the evolution of the political parties over the past 40 plus years and the changes to the Democrat party are startling to say the least - as a History major (second childhood degree) - what amazes me is the fact that individuals continue to make the same mistakes; regardless of what has happened in the past, they focus on ideology rather than face up to the fact that certain programs and approaches simply do not work - old adage: can't see the forest for the trees, is appropriate.

"The educational system, in concert with the media, has produced a nation of people that literally have no idea of
point of reference - when it comes to civics and history - (read a current U.S. History text book and compare to one written in the 60's - the difference between what is fact and what is "opinion" (and in some cases pure fiction) has hamstrung those who would know better). What I hope is that someone who is searching Google or wherever for additional information on taxes or a particular politician - will stumble upon a point of view, with an eye towards learning more about our political process, and actually get inspired to learn more (thus the "how to's")."

So go and check it out.

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