Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Once again, achievement means nothing.

The Nobel Prize was degraded to hopes and dreams last week, instead of the long lasting tradition of rewarding those which have achieved something, well it appears that the National Football League has joined the ranks of the Nobel Prize committee in opposing achievements & longstanding traditions.

Over the past several weeks, it was announced that Conservative icon and talk show host of the largest talk show on radio, Rush Limbaugh, is apart of a group of investors attempting to purchase a large chunk of the St. Louis Rams. The normal person would not give a second thought, however, the abnormal liberal smear merchants immediately went to work attempting to derail Limbaugh's attempt to become co-owner of the St.Louis Rams.

Complete lies, hideous remarks, false claims of racism, and political difference we're being used against Rush Limbaugh, a man who was attempting to become a co-owner of the St.Louis Rams, along with several other individuals. A man who loves the National Football League, hosts a yearly show on the Super Bowl, has been successful through competition with dozens of radio hosts (competition should resonate with the NFL) over the years, has the money to help purchase the struggling Rams, however, because Rush Limbaugh is a need to apply for ownership, you will be denied.

Once again, we are experiencing a downright disgusting attack upon achievement, first it was Obama being selected despite not having achieved one thing to promote peace in the world(considering war is the only means to arrive at ultimate peace amongst two Nations), now Rush Limbaugh is being denied an opportunity to become a co-owner of the St.Louis Rams, because of his achievements based on leading the Conservative talk radio movement.

It has been announced for those that don't know, Rush Limbaugh has been dropped from the group which was attempting to purchase the St. Louis Rams, I really cannot blame the group for doing so, and I am sure Rush Limbaugh understands why 100%.

What has this Nation come to? If you are a Conservative who is very wealthy, loves football, and is attempting to become the co-owner of a National Football team, you are denied because of your ideological beliefs? This at the same time, the National Football League and Main Stream Media have no objection to "my humps" Fergie becoming a co-owner in the Miami Dolphins?

I really don't care about your political beliefs, if you can afford it, welcome to the National Football League, however, if you attack Rush Limbaugh for being a Conservative, attack Fergie as well for being a horrible influence to children and a far-left liberal. I will not do that, but for those that have, be consistently idiotic or shut the hell up.

Fergie to become co-owner of Miami Dolphins, -

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