Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Obama Allowing Russians to Inspect Nuclear Sites!

Yes, I wish that this was a satire piece, but unfortunately it appears that this is real. President Obama's Administration is going to allow Russia to inspect our nuclear facilities-- within the United States. This is an unprecedented move that damages US national security. Not only does it lift the veil of secrecy, but if Russia decided to sell the secret information to terrorists or rogue states, attacks could follow.

This is a disgrace.

This comes as Russia is not going to push for further Iran sanctions, despite stating that they might several weeks ago. This also comes after President Obama pulled missiles from Poland and the Czech Republic, ostensibly to gain a deal with Russia over Iran.

So the Obama Administration is backing off on Poland, the Czech Republic, and Georgia... and Russia is hankering to take Crimea away from the Ukraine. The Russians have also threatened to block shipments to our troops in Afghanistan.

This plan makes absolutely no sense. It's none of any other nations' business what our nuclear stockpile is or how it's configured. Like I said before, it's a disgrace.

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