Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Saturday Night Live Sucks

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but SNL, also known as Saturday Night Live, sucks on wheels this season. I sat with my mouth slightly ajar as I watched awful (awful) skit after awful skit.

Now, I'm taking the first bit (about President Obama) out of the equation here because it wasn't awful; it was fair. But let me recap the rest of the parts I watched: An SNL Short that's only punchline had Andy Samberg throwing things on the ground, with a variation of "say hello to the ground" repeated over and over again. Doesn't sound funny? Believe me, by the tenth time and five minutes into it, it was worse than just unfunny.

Next was a parody of Family Feud. The punchline? Incest. Over and over and over and over again. We get it, John Phillips had sex with his daughter. It's not funny, especially not when it's the only "punchline" for seven minutes straight.

Later was a skit about Norwegian actors speaking in English. I know, who doesn't think 'Norwegian actors' and say "that would be hilarious if they tried to speak English; we should totally do a six minute skit with that as the only premise!" Don't worry, Saturday Night Live has got you covered. Jeeeeeeeeeeeezus.

On the bright side, Madonna was on the show, and she's totally not a washed up actress/singer, right? Right?!

Sorry SNL, you blow. I once knew thee well.

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