Saturday, October 17, 2009

Scozzafava Spy discovered at Hoffman event.

Doug Hoffman is officially the real deal, apparently a campaign event in Watertown New York, a spy with the Scozzafava campaign was disguised as a reporter attempting to trip Hoffman up, I guess Scozzafava is afraid Republicans will back the only real Republican in the election.

I received this email a few hours ago.

Major Event in Watertown; Scozzafava Spy shows up too!
TV stations, radio stations and the newspapers turned out this morning to our Watertown headquarters to see over 50 volunteers prepare to go door-to-door after meeting the candidate. And we knew the race was heating up when a Scozzafava spy showed up disguised as media hoping to trip up our candidate! Scozzafava should be worried, after all, Doug is not a professional politician and has the people behind him.

Conservative Nation is scaring Scozzafava........good! I hope Republicans & Conservatives will bolt to the Hoffman campaign, and elect the true Conservative Republican candidate for Congress in just seventeen days.

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