Saturday, October 17, 2009

Vermont increases lead in GOP members of Assembly.

I pathetically documented last month that Vermont, the state which has elected a self-avowed socialist to the United States Senate, has more Republicans in their lower house of legislature, then New York does. While it is true Vermont does not have the weight of New York City to drag down Republicans, it is also true only 30% of Vermont citizens voted for John McCain in 2008, the state legislature has five elected members from the radical leftist Vermont Progressive Party, and a Republican did not even challenge the Democrat Congressman last year....who is also a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

Well, Vermont now has an even larger margin of Republicans in their lower house of the state legislature, which continues to drive me insane. With the betrayal of Assemblyman Fred Thiele to joined the Independence Party and has caucused with the Democrats, Republicans in the New York state assembly now have 40 members. Vermont has 47 elected Republicans in their lower house of the state legislature, now seven more then in New York.

I almost forgot.

One Assembly seat that has been vacant for the past several months because a Republican Assemblyman sought another position in the Vermont government, has recently been filled by Governor Douglas, who appointed Republican Adam Howard to replace the vacant seat to the 2010 state elections, so Republicans now have 48 elected representatives in the Vermont lower house.

Vermont - 48 Republicans.
New York - 40 Republicans.

I know, I know. Vermont Republicans do not have New York City dragging them down, however, New York Republicans do not have Bernie Sanders as a Senator, and New York Republicans have a larger percentage of Republicans in the state, as easily proven by the fact 36% of New Yorkers voted for John McCain.

Vermont has more Republicans then New York does in their lower house of the state legislature, something is just wrong with that. I should be pleased, however, coming from New York, it makes me depressed.

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