Monday, June 7, 2010

California Primary, Mark Levin and BP.

I once again have too many topics to write about than time to spare this morning. This is starting to become an annoying trend for me, and I highly dislike it. However, a blogger has to do what a blogger has to do; I agreed to write on this blog over 18 months ago, and I've never looked back.

California Primary

California Republicans and Democrats will be selecting their candidates of choice tomorrow afternoon and evening in the Golden State; as political viability vs. political purity will be the choice that almost every Republican voter will have to make. It is an unfortunate circumstance, but California is a deep blue state and when it comes to selecting their Republican nominee's, viability means a whole lot more than purity.

With the above mentioned in mind, Conservative Republicans must support Meg Whitman as our Gubernatorial Nominee, and Carly Fiorina as our Senatorial Nominee. While I'm sure Meg Whitman will be defeated without question in November, Ms.Fiorina can defeat Senator "Don't Call me Ma'am" Boxer in the ballot box, and wasting a vote on Chuck DeVore will lead to Tom Campbell; an anti-semite, becoming our Nominee.

As for Democrats: Your last chance to vote for a non-100% liberal hack is tomorrow afternoon; Mickey Kaus is a 90% liberal hack. Why is it your last chance? Because I doubt somewhat Right-Of-Left-Democrats will exist in 6 years in California.

Mark Levin

I purchased Mark Levin's Liberty and Tyranny last week and I found myself unimpressed. The book is nothing new; it's a statement of what Conservatives believe in. We don't need a book that tells us what we believe in; we already know what we believe in! What we need is a viable game plan for November and 2012.

I would advise you to purchase Mark Steyn's America Alone: The End of the World as We Know it; instead of Mark Levin's restatement of previously known ideas and ideals, because Conservatives should spend their money learning something important, not revisiting something we already know.

Batting Practice

You're not gonna believe this: The Brevard County Manatees (a Single-A farm team for the Milwaukee Brewers) are renaming Batting Practice; Hitting Rehearsal. Why? Well, because Batting Practice, or "BP" is such an unpopular term in American culture (especially in Florida) that the team is changing the term to show that they care.

GOODNESS! There are just sometimes when I just don't understand Minor League Baseball teams; such as when a Minnesota Minor League baseball team released Larry Craig wide stance bobble head dolls. One thing is for sure: The most creative and interesting advertising gimmicks come out Minor League Baseball.

Also; being a former youth baseball player, I will never use the term "Hitting Rehearsal" or "HR" when playing in or watching a baseball game. I can absolutely promise that.

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