Monday, June 7, 2010

Jumping in Pools Endorses Sue Lowden

With the Nevada Republican primary taking place tomorrow, we at Jumping in Pools have decided to endorse Sue Lowden. The fact of the matter is that Sue Lowden is the true conservative in the race. While Sharron Angle and Dan Tarkanian are much better than Harry Reid, Sue Lowden is just a better candidate than both.

There are also other reasons why we have given the nod to Ms. Lowden. Since this political season has begun, she is the only one that has consistently beaten Harry Reid in the polls.

Sue Lowden and Sharron Angle were both interviewed by this site. Not only were Ms. Lowden's answers better than Ms. Angle's, her campaign was very quick to answer them, taking less than a week. Ms. Angle, on the contrary, took over two months to respond with answers. Of course, I am honored that either of them took the time to answer our questions. However, the speed and quality of Ms. Lowden's responses show commitment to common people and clarity in thought. Tarkanian never responded to our interview request.

Therefore, Jumping in Pools believes that Sue Lowden is the best choice and has the best chance to defeat Harry Reid in November. Make the smart choice, Nevada!

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