Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Election Results

Stick to Jumping in Pools for the most up to date elections of mini-super Tuesday.

South Carolina- Nikki Haley destroyed Gresham Barrett in the Republican primary for governor, with over double his votes. However, she will not top a 50% margin and will have to face him in a runoff election.

Arkansas- Democrats Blanche Lincoln and Bill Halter are in a nail-biter for Senate, with both gaining the lead and losing it several times.

Update- Blanche Lincoln has won the Democratic primary with 51.7% of the vote.

Nevada- Sharron Angle, Sue Lowden, and Dan Tarkanian are each in an incredibly close race for the Republican nomination for Senate. Lowden has a slight lead over Angle at the moment, with Tarkanian trailing in a distant third, followed by John Chachas.

Update- Sharron Angle has won the Republican primary, defeating second-place finisher Sue Lowden and third-place finisher Dan Tarkanian.

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