Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Graves elected Congressman in Georgia.

Remember that Run-Off election in Georgia? You know that Run-Off election in Georgia's ninth congressional district between Republican State Legislators Tom Graves and Lee Hawkins? To be honest: I almost forgot about that election myself; considering both Candidates; Graves and Hawkins, are damn fine Conservative Republicans.

Thankfully the voters of Georgia's 9th district didn't forget about the election this morning and afternoon; as they just elected much needed backup for Washington Republicans into the House of Representatives; Tom Graves (he replaces Nathan Deal, who resigned as Congressman back in March).

Georgia's 9th district Run-Off election results:

Tom Graves - 22,684 - 56.5%
Lee Hawkins - 17,499 - 43.5%

Congratulations to Congressman Graves.

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