Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Afghanistan: This is Our War.

Here's an honest question for all Americans: Who owns the War in Afghanistan? Karzai? Obama? Cameron? NATO? The UN? Bush? To me, it's None of the above. This is not Karzai's War, this is Our War; America's War. That started when 17 sex crazed Islamists murdered 3,000 innocent humans on September eleventh, 2001.

Our War was launched to eliminate the Islamists who planned it, the Terrorist's who supported it, and the Fundamentalists who harboured It. Uplifting Afghanistan via Nation Building is just one aspect of our mission to oppose our enemies on the ground, but we should never be confused as to what our primary objective is:

Victory in Afghanistan.

Which is why I cringed this afternoon when the AP published this headline: Karzai reaffirms 2014 goal for Afghan-led security. Goodness! It feels like Afghanistan has turned into Iraq because Iraq was more about removing Saddam than Security, while Afghanistan has, and is, to my knowledge, been about American Security, not Afghan control, which inadvertently places a timeline on our Troops.

Freeing Afghanistan was Awesome.

Women owning Businesses is superb.

Elections being held is Impressive.

However, America winning the War, is what really matters. This is not Afghanistan's War, it's Ours. And I hope we never forget that.


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The US in Afghanistan is following the only possible course of action against an enemy whose explicit aim is the destruction of liberal democracies.