Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Chasing Mummies: Fake as Hell and Incredibly Irritating

I was unlucky enough to watch the opening minutes of the History Channel's new show Chasing Mummies.  Bad choice.  I was greeted with cascading drivel filled with clearly scripted drama (isn't it lucky that cameras were in front of a car that "unexpectedly" had to leave!) and the main Mummy Hunter berating those around him.

That hunter, Zahi Hawass, seems to be an irritating man with a passionate love for himself.  Half of the show, if not more, is him talking down or berating his crew and co-workers.  This show seriously blows.  Stay away.
Zahi Hawass: Phony
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Reaganite Independent said...

How right you are...

All this guy's shows suck, he's an Egyptian "expert" they promoted affirmative action style because in the past all the experts where British and French... and it was embarrassing to the Arabs that outsiders knew 10x more about their history than they did.

I always thought he was a fake and self-absorbed bore- I am fascinated by the Pyramids, but I can't take five minutes of this guy delivering it

Alezend said...

Holy shit he doesn't know anything about Pyramids or even his own history. Most high school students have a better grasp on the material of the field. He is obviously incompetent and tries to hide this by insulting everyone to avoid having to discuss the actual topic.

Scope's Buddy said...

Here it is, 25 March 2011, and History Int'l is re-running the same, irritatingly scripted and patronizing episode! Honestly, if it's got to be so transparently pandering couldn't a cable-based network afford better "talent" to attempt passing off this drivel as educational or even passingly interesting?