Thursday, July 29, 2010

Things are not all right in Nevada.

This headline really pissed me off this morning:

Sharron Angle is in a Good Position Against Harry Reid

No she is not. Sharron Angle led Senator Reid for almost seven consecutive months, before Reid overcame her in a recent Mason-Dixon poll released a few weeks ago, than the polling numbers from two more firms confirmed what we most were thinking: Angle is tanking, but hanging on. We interviewed Angle earlier this year.

We have seen this time and time again over the past several months - when Burns lost, when Hoffman lost, when Coakley lost and when Djou won. If the numbers really start to shift tides from one spectrum to the other, than we have a huge problem, and Nevada state law only further complicates the situation.

Did you know that John Ensign almost threw Harry Reid out of the US Senate back in 1998, and that he only lost by 228 voters? Unless you have heard about Nevada's none of these candidates option for voters in the state, you would not have known; because that chicken little option cost Ensign the election - 8,000 voters chickened out, instead of choosing a candidate.

If Angle continues to trail without relief in sight, and voters continue to remain undecided about the election, I don't see her winning. She needs to campaign, advertise, or just do something that will enrage Nevada voters about Harry Reid, and give them a reason to support Sharron Angle, if not - Senator Reid will win reelection by a couple hundred votes again.


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