Saturday, July 17, 2010

Top 5 Conservative Governors.

Ranking the Top 5 Conservative Governors was a difficult task, because most of the time you only hear about a certain few - some are promising on paper but disappointing in reality, while others are disappointing on paper but successful in reality. I have worked hard on this list, I found only eight or nine Governors worthy of mention, but only five or so are, in my opinion, "Top 5 material".

Top 5 Conservative Governors:

Honorable Mention - Governor Carcieri (Rhode Island).
5. - Governor Brewer (Arizona).
4. - Governor Christie (New Jersey).
3. - Governor Pawlently (Minnesota).
2. - Governor Barbour (Mississippi).
1. - Governor Daniels (Indiana).

(Prepare for vocal opposition in

Before all hell breaks lose and fellow Conservatives accuse me of putting together a fraudulent list, because Rick Perry and Bobby Jindal aren't included, please let me explain why Perry and Jindal aren't on the list:

Perry - He's accomplished nothing in 10 years. Texas doesn't need a Governor to direct their state, and it doesn't really matter which Party controls Austin; Taxes will succeed with or without an ally in the statehouse. Texas succeeding under Perry is a coincidence only.

Jindal - He's accomplished what he needed to accomplish, but it's nothing significant. Creation being taught in the classroom is good, evacuating New Orleans without serious issue was good and standing for Oil is smart, but what has he done that can be copied around the Nation?

On the other hand: Jan Brewer signed SB 1070 into law, Christie is fighting for pension reform, Tim Pawlently is the leading example of how to fight obstructionist Democrats, Barbour passed Tort reform in Mississippi of all places, and Daniels eliminated all of Indiana's debt.

Who belongs on the list, and who doesn't?


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Fenway_Nation said...

What about Idaho's Butch Otter? IIRC, he was one of the first governors to challenge 0bamacare.

Editor said...

He was actually on my short list of Republican Governors who were not included. I like Otter a lot, but he, like Perry and Jindal, has not done anything significant. I think every GOP AG has filed suit against the Obamacare law, Otter joining suit or challenging it is just par for the course.