Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Muslims in Indonesia Have been Praying in the Wrong Direction

Apparently, according to the highest Islamic council in Indonesia, the Muslims of that nation have been praying in the wrong direction. Several months ago, they issued a fatwa calling on Muslims to pray facing West, toward what they believed was the Kaaba in Mecca.

Instead they ordered their followers to pray towards Africa, leading to a change in the policy, calling on Muslims in Indonesia to pray to the north-west.

But it seems to be okay:

Amin said the new edict does not mean that mosques in the country will need to be torn down. "They (those praying inside) just need to adjust their praying direction slightly," he said.

Some residents of the world's most populous Muslim country took the change in stride.
"I don't really worry about the praying direction," said Riza Irwansyah, an office worker in Jakarta. "The important thing is I prayed to Allah and I believe He will listen, no matter which way I'm facing."

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Alezend said...

haha those silly muslims