Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sarah Palin leads in Iowa?

Sarah Palin leads in Iowa?

According to a new poll from the Economist, Governor Sarah Palin is leading all other potential Republican candidates for the 2012 Presidential Election in Iowa, where the voting begins in early 2012. However, I don't believe the poll results for one second, because it just doesn't match up with reality.

2012 Presidential Election - Iowa Republican Caucuses:

Sarah Palin - 28%.
Mitt Romney - 18%.
Newt Gingrich - 17%.
Mike Huckabee - 13%.
Mitch Daniels - 4%.
Others - 4%.
Undecided - 17%

Just in case you forgot, the 2008 Iowa Republican Caucuses:

Mike Huckabee - 34%.
Mitt Romney - 25%.
Thompson - 13%.
McCain - 13%.
Paul - 10%.

Are we really to believe that Mike Huckabee has lost over 60% of his 2008 Republican support, while he constantly leads the polls against Barack Obama in most surveys? And what about the Moderate Mitt Romney: he's lost close to 30% of his 2008 Republican support, without picking up one percentage of McCain's 2008 Moderate vote? Come on.

These polling results are absolute crap. There's no way on earth that Sarah Palin can win social conservatives against Mike Huckabee, a former Baptist minister for over a decade. Absolutely no way in hell.


Also, the only vote I see going to Sarah Palin in 2012 is Ron Paul's 2008 vote.


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Anonymous said...

Mike Huckleberry losing support?......after releasing dangerous criminals to rape and murder's a question of judgement......not the fact the he used to be a minister.....he further displays piss poor judgement when he "jokes" about Sarah Palin using cocaine on Red think people wsat home rather than vote for McCain in would be even worse in 2012 if Huckleberry or for that matter Romneycare were forced upon the electorate........the difference....neither would have Sarah Palin to bail them out.....Sarah is the only potential candidate who9 is out there fighting for this country every day.....the bassackwards males are only fighting for themselves.......enough is more good ole boy mentality.....I predict that Sarah Palin will become this country's first historical female president and a true Commander-in Chief.....get used to the idea.....we are sick of re-cycled losers.

Cheat codes said...

All the independent voters have left Obama and are trying to decide who to support on the right. It looks like Sarah Palin is getting most of them. They will certainly not be heading Democratic.

Cheat codes said...

Bob Vander Plaats ‘ concession speech Tuesday night following his defeat in the GOP gubernatorial primary stopped short of an endorsement of his party’s nominee , Terry Branstad. Because of that, and based on previous rumblings that the Sioux City businessman might leave the party ...

unique gift ideas said...

No one cares what she thinks. The Raul Labrador win in Idaho was over the NRCC/RNC/Establishment goofball she endorsed in the primary. Most of the others involve no risk: Christie and McDonnell were going to win anyway. Rand Paul was far ahead when she endorsed him. And Michelle Bachmann? Is that even controversial? Or Allen West, media superstar? She’s becoming irrelevant pretty quickly. Conservatives across America are looking for a new face for 2012, not the stale gang of Pawlenty, Huckabee, Palin and Romney or washed up hasbeens like Rick Santorum, George Allen or Newt Gingrich.

unique gift ideas said...

Obviously, the people who are all for the "great" government-run health care Obama is trying to ram down our throats have not had the experiences with government health care