Monday, July 26, 2010

Tancredo Running for CO Governor as Libertarian

Former Congressman and hardline illegal immigration opponent Tom Tancredo has announced that he is running for Governor of his home state of Colorado. Not only this, but he's running under the third-line Constitution  Party, a largely libertarian-leaning group. Local officials are not pleased:

Tancredo’s entry into the race is likely to split the GOP vote in the general election, giving Hickenlooper a win, said Dick Wadhams, head of the state’s Republican Party.

He blasted Tancredo after hearing the former congressman was going to get in.

“Tom Tancredo has nobody’s interest in mind other than his own,” Wadhams said. “But what do you expect from a guy who reneged on his term-limit pledge and has been running for office for five decades.”

I used to respect Tancredo, but his politics have become more and more libertarian and increasingly crazy. If his true goal is to curtail illegal immigration or even just to keep a Democrat out of state office, he's doing it poorly. Expect a win in the D column this fall, unfortunately.

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unique gift ideas said...

Tancredo is one of a few americans who actually tried to warn this country of the on-coming invasion of the border states...And that was well before it reached a crisis mode...The state of colorado, would do well to heed the words of this man..

Editor said...

Indeed, Mr. K.