Thursday, July 22, 2010

Petition in support of Michael Savage.

Jumping in Pools was just one of a handful of American Blogs to cover the United Kingdom's list of banned individuals, which included nazis murderers, and Michael Savage: who is a Radio Talk Show Host out of San Francisco, California, and who was apparently targeted by Jacqui Smith (Britain's former Home Secretary) for his Conservative views.

We (those who cared and followed the story) expected that when David Cameron and the Conservative Party regained control of England that Mr.Savage's good name would be removed from that list of murderers and anti-semites. However, Prime Minister Cameron has reaffirmed the English ban of Mr.Savage, who still isn't allowed into the Country of the Magna Carta.

Thus, I feel compelled to launch a petition in support of Michael Savage, a man of many opinions and thoughts, but most importanty - one who believes in Freedom, and who doesn't belong on a list of thugs, criminals, and murderers banned from Britain; America's greatest ally.

"We the people of the United States of America, who share a sacred bond with the English citizenry through our common friendship and common values, do call upon the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom's recently formed coalition government to end the insulting and immoral act of banning American Talk Show Host Michael Savage from entering your Nation."

Please sign.

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Harrison said...

England is wacko. We have nothing in common with those island dwellers anymore. Soon they will be yet another star in the Muslim flag.

Read the book Londonistan.

Editor said...

I will disagree with that. We have a great deal in common with Great Britain - our common freedoms, a common pursuit for free market's, a common lust for small government and our national defense alliance.

Harrison said...

You'd be surprised at how few freedoms really exist in England anymore. There is no "freedom of speech" or the press there. Everyone is on a government camera now and there are people snooping through people's garbage, fining people with cameras for "speeding" or taxing them or giving religious minorities more power and rights than the majorities, etc.

Read Londonistan... it will open your eyes as it did mine.