Sunday, July 25, 2010

Our Armed Forces are too small.

I believe the United States Armed Forces has to be increased, immediately. If not for the reason our Military is smaller than all of our foes combined, than for the fact we're relying on a minority of epic proportions to protect three hundred million American citizens. We can debate the economics about this later, but for now, please consider these statistics:

1. The population of the United States is 310,000,000.

2. 118,000,000 Americans are fit for Military Service.

3. Our Armed Forces total 3,400,000 service members.

Do the above mentioned numbers bother anyone else? Because it bothers me that our Nation is relying on just 1.1% of the population to defend the other 98.9%, and that only 40% of that 1.1% are Active Duty. Call me crazy, but that's cause for concern, especially when our Armed Forces rank only 8th in the world in size.

What say you?

As to how we can afford an expansion of the Military:

Cut the Department of Health and Human Services ($900 billion).
Cut the Department of Agriculture ($110 billion).
Cut the Department's of Education and HUD ($85 billion).

We'll have an extra $1.1 trillion to spend on the Military and the Debt.


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Anonymous said...

Then grow a sack and go into the army. Don't be a hypocrite now.

UNRR said...

I disagree that the military is too small, but it's pretty funny to see some logically-challenged imbecile show up with a particularly stupid version of the chickenhawk slur.

It's obviously not necessary to join the military in order to advocate its expansion, and there is no hypocrisy at all, unless one is arguing that others should be forced into the military. But I guess expecting someone dumb enough to write that sort of anonymous comment to understand what hypocrisy actually means is asking a bit too much.

Sirchadthepro said...

What i believe to be funny about this article is what you have decided to cut in order to expand the military. If we could just cut those departments to save money in the first place than the country wouldn't be in debt. Another funny thing is that those billions of dollars on education that you are willing to throw away will cause the country to be consumed into the military making it easy for revolts. if 1/3 of the united states was part of the military it would be hard to control and hard to keep maintained. This country does not need a bigger military since it is already the most scientifically sophisticated army in the world.

Editor said...

One of our writers is a member of the armed forces:
And Mr. K is joining later this year.

Good job, retard

Alezend said...

Its not so much the size of the military I am worried about as I don't think that is so much an issue of people joining the military now but if they would fight if they were needed. If our country were to go to war with an enemy that could destroy us would the majority of the population take up arms? I worry because I think they would not. Many people today have these brain dead notions of peace is the only answer and violence is never the answer even when attacked. They think freedom was given to everyone by hippies smoking weed and people coming to understandings. They speak hollow words and if the time came they would be the first to run and hide and expect all the people they mocked to die for them. Ignorant incompetent bliss.