Friday, July 23, 2010

"NOT the whiteman's bitch".

Hat Tip - Journal Sentinel

Imagine this mailer in late October:

Hi! I'm NOT the 'whiteman's bitch, and I'm running for State Assembly!

For voters in Wisconsin's 10th Assembly District (located within Milwaukee) this almost became a reality, as Ieshuh Griffin, an Independent candidate who is running to replace the retiring Polly Williams in November, actually submitted "NOT the 'whiteman's bitch" as her official statement of purpose on the ballot.

(Independent candidates are allowed a five-word statement of purpose in Wisconsin, in order to let the voters know what their campaign is about).

Thankfully, all candidate statements must be approved, and the racially charged statement that Ms.Griffin issued was struck down. However, the board which reviews the statement's of purpose's was divided*, and three members supported Ms.Griffin and her offensive slogan, a majority of the board, but not enough according to state law (2/3rds of board required).

Besides for being offensive to all White Male's in Wisconsin's 10th Assembly District, Ms.Griffin also has no sense of common decency, which makes her 100% a bitch, and at least part of her slogan 100% accurate.


* - Two additional members opposed Ms.Griffin, and another was absent.


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Aurelius said...

Sigh. I wish that people would just leave race alone in politics. Everyone is equal in my eyes...I don't know why people see the world differently.

Anonymous said...

But people will still vote for her (and she may win!). So what am I more offended by: her being so offensive and assuming all voters are idiots or the fact that I fought and was wounded for uneducated voters to elect someone like this?

Alezend said...

Well its only a matter of time if they are seriously considering people who don't even try to hide their total incompetence.