Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Poll Places Brown Up By 6 in CA

 According to PPP, a Democratic-leaning polling firm, Democrat Jerry Brown leads his GOP opponent by six in the race to become the next Governor of California. A similar Rasmussen poll released earlier this month placed Meg Whitman with a one-point lead. According to the Real Clear Politics average of polls, Brown holds a one percent lead.

The PPP poll also gets into the nitty-gritty of internal data, including breaking up the voter by who they voted for in 2008 as well as political ideology.

Brown (D): 46%
Whitman (R): 40%
Other/und: 14%

There's still a lot of undecided voters out there. One interesting thing will be to see how the equation changes regarding the current governor. Arnold's ratings are in the tank and his disapproval is nearly the same between Republicans and Democrats. Many Republicans see him as just another Democrat, which may increase pro-Whitman turnout on election day.

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