Thursday, July 15, 2010

Desperate Reid: Angle Wants Sen. Bennett Dead

I know that Democrat Harry Reid is desperate, especially considering that he is behind Republican Sharron Angle by three points in the latest poll, but this goes too far.

Both on his Facebook page and his campaign website, Senator Reid quotes extensively from a Mother Jones article titled "Sharron Angle's Death Panel."  The parts of the article are cited on his website as an attempt to smear the Republican candidate for Senate.  To quote his website:
[Angle] claimed last night that [77-year-old] Senator Robert Bennett, who was ousted by the Tea Partiers last month, had "outlived his usefulness."
Sound too good to be true for Democrats?  Well, it is.  In the right context (and with a thing called a "dictionary"), the quote is utterly run of the mill.

Here is the video.  Note how Senator Reid skewed the quote:

Notice how she didn't emphasize death or even mention it?  Well, that's probably because Ms. Angle has seen a dictionary before.  Harry Reid, on the other hand, obviously has never heard of one.  So, to help his out, here is a definition of "outlive:"
To outlast; Live or last through
Gasp!  To outlast!  How offensive!  Obviously I am being facetious.  Ms. Angle said nothing incendiary or controversial at all.

The most abhorrent thing here, and I'm going to emphasize this, is that Harry Reid is lying to his constituents and the country.  To do something so juvenile, Mr. Reid must think that Americans and Nevadans are stupid.  Well, let me tell you something, Mr. Reid, when Nevada votes you out this November, it will be one of the smartest things we've ever done.

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1 comment:

RM said...

Harry Reid doing something stupid? Now there's a shocker.