Monday, July 19, 2010

Republican Up Big in Pennsylvania Gubernatorial Race

In 2008, Democrat Barack Obama won Pennsylvania handily, receiving 10% more votes than Republican John McCain.  Two years later, the tides have turned.  57% of the voters in Pennsylvania now disapprove of the job that the President is doing and the Democratic hold on both Houses of Congress seems to be coming to an end.

With this political climate, Republican Tom Corbett now has a sizable 10% lead against Democrat Dan Onorato in Pennsylvania's 2010 race for governor.  What makes this number more impressive is the fact that Pennsylvania has a Democrat governor, Ed Rendell.

The polls currently show (rounded):

Republican Tom Corbett- 48%
Democrat Dan Onorato- 38%
Other Candidate- 5%
Undecided- 10%

The President plans to stop in Pennsylvania sometime in the following week, to push for green technology.  However, past experiences indicate that when the President endorses a candidate, they take a hit in the polls.

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