Saturday, July 24, 2010

Conservative Bloggers convene in Las Vegas.

Hard to believe, but there are other Conservative meetings besides for the annual Conservative Political Action Conference held in Washington every Winter, and one is wrapping up as I write this. RightOnline is an annual convention of Conservative bloggers, politicians, and activists who convene cross-town from their rival bloggers at NetRoots (who would really want to listen to Al Franken?).

And in spite of what President Obama has said, both have gathered in Las Vegas, Nevada, home of sinners and Senator Reid (what's the difference most should ask). And multiple media stories have been written and reported on the gatherings, for some unknown reason (bloggers meeting is news, that's news to me).

So here are some of my thoughts on the Conservative gathering:

1. Wish I was there, but I'm not, as was the case with CPAC.

2. I would use Judge Napolitano's speech to get something to eat.

3. I would hound Michele Bachmann to get an exclusive Interview.

4. These meetings should occur on a three month, regional basis.

5. Next year's meeting should be held in Albany, New York.

6. Robert Stacy McCain should be a panelist on Pimping Blogs.

7. Did anyone think to invite President Bush?

8. Without bloggers, I wouldn't know as much as I do. True Story.

9. Their Twitter hashtag is absolutely wonderful.

All in all, these meetings might not mean much in the grand scheme of things, but their needed in the sense that bloggers are the infantry of the Conservative New Media, and thus they deserve a once a year gathering in their honor.

Also, if anyone wants to share their Conservative or Liberal Blogger Convention stories, please email me at


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Cheat codes said...

I say grab some popcorn and watch the fireworks commence.
Obama still thinks he has the minds of the American People.
What a flawed philosophy he has.

Cheat codes said...

What arrogance, what intolerable despicable attitude he has.
In the face of the most devastating economical crisis this country has ever faced, he is convening a “bi-partisan” committee to fix the deficit ????????????

Cheat codes said...

MGM has a photo place that superimposes your photo over someone else's body, and I think I change clothes place is across the street at Excalibur.