Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dems Losing Support Among Minorities?

According to a new poll from PPP, reported by RealClearPolitics, the Democrats are losing support among minority votes. Democrats made huge gains in the 2008 voters, especially among Latino voters. However, new findings seem to point to a reduction in support.

The latest polls suggest that the 2004 levels of support for Democratic candidates weren't completely flukish. In its latest generic ballot, PPPfinds that Hispanics favor the Democratic candidate 58-21, while African Americans break 83-8.Quinnipiac finds a 83-3 split among blacks and a 55-27 split among Hispanics.
While those numbers are consistent with either 2004- or 2008-like numbers, depending which Party you are looking at, the CNN poll seems to have pressed undecideds a little harder. The levels of Democratic support stay at their 2004 levels, while the level of GOP support climbs to 2004 levels: African Americans favor the Democratic candidate at a 82-14 clip, while Hispanics break 54-39 Democratic. Note that all of the variance here is in degree of support for the Republican candidate; the support for the Democratic candidate stays steady.
Hopefully the Democratic losses continue-- but the GOP still needs to reach out to minority voters if they would like to be competitive in 2012.

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