Thursday, July 22, 2010

Quinnipiac: 37% believe US would have been better off with McCain as President.

This is definitely the poll result of the week.

According to a recently released poll from Quinnipiac University, a plurality of American citizens believe our Nation would have been better off had John McCain been elected President, instead of Barack Obama. A surprising and, at the same time confirming result by all accounts.

37% believe America would have been better off.
35% believe America would have been worse off.
15% believe America would have been the same.
13% don't know anything, and thus are undecided.

Just 18 months ago America was inaugurating a new President, and now it appears our Nation wanted another man, one with experience, wisdom, and confidence. I feel it's safe to say that a Nation begging for change, got robbed and wants a refund.

What say you?

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1 comment:

Fenway_Nation said...

I'm starting to think the US would've been better off with Hillary or even that talking pug from Men in Black as POTUS.

And I'm a fan of neither, for the record.