Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Check Out the New and Improved Qwanz

Jumping in Pools has been proud to use Qwanz for more than half a year, provide up-to-date polling information for our readers for free. Their flexible programming allows us to embed polls right into an article and allows voting even for non-registered users.

Our blog focuses primarily on politics, so we make ample use of Qwanz's ability to create pertinent political polling-- and feature the results for our readers. Furthermore, you can vote in polls from all over the world and featured at many sites all around the internet.

Anyone interested to see how Qwanz works is invited to take a look at the differences between Qwanz and other of the major polling sites on the net. You'll see that in many respects their services are still free but still superior.

Qwanz has undergone a series of changes to improve their services. Now you can embed long-term surveys and widgets right on your site-- free from Qwanz.

So check out Qwanz-- set up an account and you can publish polls on your own site or just host them on the Qwanz main site. Furthermore, your account will stay free and you can use it for multiple polls at one time. Of course, you'll be seeing plenty more Qwanz polls right here at Jumping in Pools-- so feel free to vote and express your opinion.


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Cheat codes said...

you are missing a question mark following the first bullet under "Why Qwanz?", so "Feel powerless to influence matters that are of interest to you" reads like a benefit statement instead of a question. (I.e.: "It can make me feel powerless? Sign me up.") I assume you meant "Do you feel powerless...?".