Friday, July 16, 2010

Poll Places Reid Ahead

After Sharron Angle defeated former Nevada GOP Chairwoman Sue Lowden, there was a fear that Angle's libertarian positions might come back to bite the Republicans in the attempt to defeat Harry Reid.

It appears that those fears were right.

Reid has launched a massive barrage of negative advertising against Angle just as they did against Sue Lowden to knock her out of the race. According to a local poll, Reid is ahead by more than the margin of error. This poll was conducted by the Las Vegas Review Journal, a conservative-leaning publication:

Reid (D): 44 (+3 vs. last poll, June 3)
Angle (R): 37 (-7)
None/und: 15

Reid is still well below 50%, which is a very bad sign for an incumbent. Still, there has been a ten percent turnaround, which may give Reid that slight edge he needs to win in November.

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1 comment:

innominatus said...

Fear not. Reid is an incompetent weasel. He will yet find a way to P.O. just enough people to lose this race.