Monday, July 26, 2010

Afghanistan vs. Vietnam - The Statistics.

Is the War in Afghanistan the same as the Vietnam War?

Absolutely not. Afghanistan has been fought with vigor and courage at such levels Vietnam knew nothing of, and our Troops in Afghanistan have been well received and honored at home, and the cause of our mission is supported by the American citizenry, and the ultimate cost of war cannot be compared between the two.

American casualties in Vietnam - 58,159 killed, 303,635 wounded.
American casualties in Afghanistan - 1,130 killed, 6,623 wounded.

How are these wars the same?

98% fewer American soldiers have died in Afghanistan, while 97% fewer American soldiers have been wounded in Afghanistan. Besides for both wars lasting for a long, long time, how in the hell are they the same? Afghanistan isn't split into two, victory can be achieved and our current war means a lot more than Vietnam ever did.

These wars are nothing alike, and will never be alike, unless liberal fanatics, and Libertarian nutjobs get what they want - total American surrender and a hostile Afghanistan.


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Alezend said...

I don't think its so much the numbers as the ideology people try to compare the two on. The media throws numbers at people to confuse them and so they can say things like "its the bloodiest week since[insert recent date]" every other week. Though I do not agree even that the ideology is exactly the same.

unique gift ideas said...

Women vets suffer more than the men do. It easy to assess that they are unappreciated for their services, but its also true to admit that they were never truly prepared for the battles during and after deployment. Any amount of preparation requires money and who will pay?