Thursday, July 22, 2010

Rubio Up by Two in New Poll

A new poll from Rasmussen, the most accurate of all of the major polling firms shows Republican Marco Rubio with a slight lead over current Governor, Independent Charlie Crist. The poll also shows Democratic challenger Kendrick Meek well behind in the race for November.

Rubio (R): 35%
Crist (I): 33%
Meek (D): 20%
Other/und: 12%

In another set of polling, another Democratic challenger for the primary, Jeff Greene, was included. Greene appears to push undecideds towards Crist and Rubio:

Rubio (R): 36%
Crist (I): 34%
Greene (D): 19%
Other/und: 11%

So it looks like the horserace is continuing with Rubio consistently ahead in Rasmussen polls and Crist ahead in others.

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