Monday, July 26, 2010

Tancredo has lost it.

Hat Tip - Politico.

Tom Tancredo was a respectable Congressman who represented the average man from a rural district out in the west, now he's a dangerous nut job who will cost the Republican Party a Governor's Mansion in a crucial swingstate (Colorado), all because neither of the confirmed GOP candidates meet his "standards" of increasingly Libertarian viewpoints.

Why? Well he announced his intention to run for the Governorship in the state of Colorado, on the Constitution Party's line, against the eventual Republican nominee; and considering his sky high levels of approval, he'll steal enough votes from whomever the Republican nominee is, and deliver Colorado 4 more years of Democratic control.

No-one should be surprised, just look at his recent Washington Times Article headline: The Case for impeachment. During which, he argued that Barack Obama is more of a threat to our Nation than our Islamic enemies, who murdered 3,000 citizens on September 11th, and he also voiced a faulty argument that violating your oath of office, is cause for impeachment.

Just to make sure everyone understands what I'm saying:

We're Screwed in Colorado.

Tancredo has never lost an election, carried his former district with over 149,000 votes in 2006 and is the most popular (former) Republican in the entire state, and in an election that will be close to begin with, even half of his 2006 election total will lead to a Denver Democrat, John Hickenlooper winning in November.

Thanks's Tom! We appreciate being stabbed in the back!


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unique gift ideas said...

Tancredo's close ties to the nativist movement is a large part of his problem. They're not a savory lot, and even those who are marginally acceptable are a step or two away from those who are out and out bigoted lunatics.

george said...

The Islamists can't bankrupt our economy and spend every dime any of us will ever earn in our lifetimes. They can't destroy our health care system and they can't create boards of bureaucrats that will decide what treatments we are allowed to have. They can't put people out of work by fiat like was done with the oil men in the Gulf and the car dealerships that were forced to close. They can't dictate every aspect of every activity of every day like the government can. They can't confiscate increasing amounts of what little we earn so that they can buy the votes of our neighbors at our expense.

So Tancredo is right that the socialists are much more a threat than the Islamists are. The death toll from a slower economy and nationalized health care will be more by several orders of magnitude than the casualties in the war on terror short of Osama getting a nuke.

One can just as easily make the case that the GOP should drop out of the race and let Tancredo run against the Dem as the other way around. That is the obvious solution.

To be frank, I don't know much about Tancredo but if that is the looniest thing he has said then you don't have much to complain about.

Dances With Typos said...

Tancredo has always been strong only against illegal immigration, which is not nativism, by definition.

Nor is it Libeterianism, which is about free movement of labor, as well as the freedom to own all of the product of your labor.

As to running for governor of Colorado, I have no opinion, except to say the we should all know, by now, that (GOP) after a candidates name no longer means much in the way of conservative political stance.

As to violation of oath not being a basis for impeachment? It certainly is, the problem being that, unless one is blatant, it is difficult to prove, and Barry has not yet been blatant enough.

Perhaps, as George said, the best idea would be for the current GOP candidate to withdraw in favor of Tancredo.

Editor said...

Good job, Mr. K.

Editor said...

1. Violating your oath is not a cause for impeachment, only high crimes and misdemanors are. And last I checked, Obama hasn't lied under oath and he hasn't committed any crimes, whatsoever.

2. The Republican Party is trying to regain it's position as numero uno in the United States, bowing down to Tancredo, just because he is in the race on another ballot is political suicide and unwise.