Thursday, July 15, 2010

Memo to News World: Hispanics do Support Arizona's Law.

Ever since Arizona's tough anti-illegal alien law was passed, our ideological counterparts have constantly banged the "race drum", the "racial profiling drum", and the "Hispanics are afraid drum" - all three are failures, the American public still supports the law, and members of the Media World are still ignoring a pesky fact: Hispanics do support the law........

......At least 46% of San Diego's 26% Hispanic population support Arizona's law, but absolutely no-one has decided to pick up on that SurveyUSA poll that is quite damning to our opponents absurd train of thought that all Hispanics, or even a majority in some places, side with illegals aliens, and against the rule of law.

I find it insulting that a Conservative blogger who makes $25 dollars every other month (me) can understand the significance of this earth shattering story, but highly paid Researchers for every television, radio, and newspaper staff cannot even find this story on the Internet, except for Jumping in Pools.

That's pathetic and a shame in my opinion.

The News World has just one job in this World, and that's reporting the news. If you would like to know more than every, single media outlet in America (regardless of affiliation) on Hispanic support of Arizona's new anti-illegal alien law, please click here.

Also, please email everyone about this story.


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Fenway_Nation said...

I don't think anybody's come up with any poll number explicitly indicating what percentage of the hispanic population actually supports SB 1070, but I had to figure with some of those early polls showing it's popularity in Arizona itself, there was bound to be some overlap with the state's hispanic population.

Not a majority, mind you, but anything past say 10% or so would directly contradict the Dems, MSM and professional race-based grievance-mongers.

Editor said...

46% of San Diego Hispanics support the law, thus the national results probably will be reflect SD or at least be close.

29% of Arizona is Hispanic, unless white/black Americans are 100% in line, I would say anywhere from 35 to 40% of Hispanics support their own law.

Fenway_Nation said...

I would say anywhere from 35 to 40% of Hispanics support their own law.

I was going to put it closer to 30%- but that's just a lowball educated guess on my part.

Once it got into the double-digits, then it would get overlooked by the ACLU or LaRaza