Saturday, July 17, 2010

Top 5 Conservative Blogs.

Previously Posted: Top 5 Conservative Writers.

Previously Posted: Top 5 Conservative Websites.

Which Conservative Blogs are the best? Once again it's a matter of perception, whether or not one can remain objective as a judge and whether or not the blog is effective as a Conservative vehicle competing with hundreds upon thousands of other Blogs, all of which are unique in their own right.

Top 5 Conservative Blogs:

5. Legal Insurrection.
4. Big Government.
3. The Other McCain.
2. Jihad Watch.
1. Michelle Malkin.

Could there possibly be any objections to Malkin's blog/website being the absolute greatest in the entire blogosphere? I think not, and until proven otherwise, she's the top dog in town, and that means all liberal trespassers should be afraid.......very afraid.

Note - Expect at least 3 more "Top 5" articles next week.


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Aurelius said...

Yay Michelle Malkin! I hear that she occasionally reads good 'ol JiP. She deserves #1 just for that.

Harrison said...

I would add Gateway Pundit.

Editor said...

Gateway Pundit is an exaggerating, fronting, poor excuse for a conservative.

He blows +10.