Sunday, July 18, 2010

The power of George W. Bush.

Hat Tip -Doug Powers.

I've come to the conclusion that former President George W. Bush is the most powerful man in the entire world, and he doesn't even know it. Over the past few years I've heard that George W. Bush, who seems just like a regular guy from Texas, has used his superman powers to cause hurricanes, earthquakes, and even snowstorms.

The power of hick Texans is astronomical!

When President George W. Bush left the White House 18 months ago, most expected his superman powers, besides for causing Al Gore to divorce Tipper, would be of no further use. However, it appears the superman President has a new weapon to wreck havoc in the world:

That's right! According to some Conservative bloggers, the pre-release "leakings" of his Book to the Main Stream Media will cause Republican candidates across the Nation to lose, because just the mention of the superman President will cause fear to spread across the US and will send all voters back to the Hope and Change Express.

I'm not kidding, some members of the Conservative blogosphere are actually accusing George W. Bush of planning to release information to the Press regarding his memoir/book before the mid-term elections, in order to hurt Republican chances at the voting booth.

Paranoia or what?

Goodness! George W. Bush is a lifelong Republican, and trust me, he is more than aware of the fact that Republican candidates will be distancing their campaigns from him, even though polls have indicated Bush's approval rating has gone up from basement levels, voters are split 50-50 as to whether America would be better with a Bush or Obama White House, and billboards with Bush's face have appeared across the Nation in support of him.

If Republicans fail to recapture the House this November, it's their fault, not President Bush's.

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Paul Mitchell said...

I am on the other side of this discussion. If everyone on Earth is not missing Bush by now, there are worse problems than I thought.

Bush seems like Gandhi, Thomas Jefferson, and Albert Einstein rolled into one compared to President Feckless McTaxeyspend.

Aurelius said...

Good article, Mr. K. GWB rocks

Editor said...

"Bush seems like Gandhi, Thomas Jefferson, and Albert Einstein rolled into one".

Wow, I'm an admirer of President George W. Bush, but I've never heard of an comparison such as that.

Paul Mitchell said...

Mr. K, compared to what we have now? It is a very easy comparison and most folks that I have met would have a hard time disputing that, too.

By the way, W. Bush is the second best president in my lifetime, by far. I was born in 1964.

Editor said...

I meant comparing the likes of Gandhi, Jefferson, and Einstein George W. Bush. Goodness, Obama makes Billy Clinton look like a second coming of Reagan!

Bush is the greatest President in my entire life (short life).

Paul Mitchell said...

I like yours even more, Obama makes an impeached president look like the best president in my lifetime. Dang.

Yet, I agree.

Editor said...

Worse - Obama makes a resigned former President look better. I never thought anyone could ever accomplish that. Hell, even Nixon had more experience than Obama.

Alezend said...

Mr. Paul Mitchell I believe Scrappy Coco is looking for you.