Thursday, July 15, 2010

McCain Opens "Devastating" Lead Over Hayworth

 An Arizona-based poll is showing that incumbent Senator John McCain has opened what has been described as a "devastating" lead over challenger and former Congressman JD Hayworth. After Hayworth reportedly got within five percent of McCain, his challenge has stalled and moved backwards. This poll does include both Republicans and GOP-leaning independents, who can vote in the August primary.

McCain: 64%
Hayworth: 19%
Jim Deakan: 5%

McCain Lead: 35%

Time has come for Hayworth to pack his bags and go back to doing infomercials. McCain is here to stay, as he should. Say what you want, McCain is the most fiscally responsible, foreign policy expert in the Senate today, period. To get rid of him for a corrupt hack like Hayworth is ideologically, politically, and practically insane.

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