Thursday, July 29, 2010

Feingold Falls Behind in WI Senate Race

Incumbent Democratic Senator Russ Feingold, one of the most leftist members of the United States Senate has officially fallen behind in his quest for another term. This is bad news for Feingold for several reasons. One, it's not usually good to be seen as behind as an incumbent. Second, his polling is steadily under 50%, showing deep dissatisfaction in his job performance. Third, he is behind Ron Johnson, who is basically unknown in the state. As Johnson is able to attack more and Feingold is forced on the defensive and to explain his record, his poll numbers may fall further. This is one of the toss-up races within the Senate races this year.

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The poll comes from Rasmussen, the most accurate of the major pollsters. Previous polls showed Feingold with a small lead, but now it appears that he is slipping further. RELATED: A solution to the AZ immigration law.

Johnson (R): 48%
Feingold (D): 46%
Other/und: 6%

Undecided and irate voters tend to fall in about two-thirds behind the challenger. If this is the case in this race, Johnson would pick up a total of 52% and Feingold 48%. President Bush only lost this state by 10,000 votes in 2004 and a smaller turnout within the Democratic base coupled with a well-oiled GOP machine could put Feingold behind for good.

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Anonymous said...

Some very good news. I have become cynical about polls lately, but the breakdown looks good.

Aurelius said...

Awesome. Another out-of-touch lefty that may go down.

Anonymous said...

Wisconsin is where the Republican Party was founded. Milwaukee and Madison skew left while the rest of the state is fairly conservative.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous, tell that to those of us who have had to live with Dave Obey as their representative all these years. There are a lot of socialists in Northern Wisconsin, descended from the loggers who originally came here from Norway and Sweden, etc. A lot like the lefties in next-door Minnesota, yeah.

SenatorMark4 said...

Are you sure these polls mean anything? Afterall,they probably didn't think to poll the ACORN ghosts!

unique gift ideas said...

If Senate elections held today the Republicans would pick up 14 Seats - Does that not at least give them pause?

Sr. Frijoles said...

Down with Feingold