Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Jeb Bush 'Not Running' in 2012

Jeb Bush, the well-known former Governor of Florida and brother of the last President has announced that he is "not" running for President in 2012. This follows speculation from many places, including here at little-old Jumping in Pools.

Politico is quoting an interview from a Florida radio station-- and Bush was pretty unequivocal:

But asked Tuesday by Louisville’s ABC affiliate WHAS following an event with Paul whether he was eyeing a challenge to President Barack Obama, Bush responded flatly: “I am not running for president.”
Whether this means that he will or not-- it's about a year too early to see. That being said, I believe that he would be a strong candidate, but his last name is still hurting him.

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unique gift ideas said...

You people really think that a woman who failed as a small-town mayor (unless being the meth lab capital of the world counts as success) and couldn't handle being governor of the easiest state in the union to govern is fit to be president??? Amazing.

Digital Reception said...

Crisis avoided. The last thing the world needed was another Bush in office.